Friday, December 4, 2009


Bara för mitt förra lilla inlägg här på bloggen visade sig att jag fått en egen tråd på tyska tokyopops forum...
Här har vi ett screenshot. Det börjar med någon tjej som typ säger "titta, domicile har lyckats ta sig till sverige" och sen kommer följande kommentarer i stil med "ja hon vet hur man ska presentera en bok" och "hon visar två goda anledningar att köpa den" (och tusen andra inlägg som hänvisar till mina bröst). Tack tyskland.



  1. Hi,
    this is Ace from the tokyopop-forum and the Domicile thread. Really had to laugh (in a good way) when i saw this screenshot :D
    Talking in the forum about your picture in your previous post, was just joking around, like boys (and girls too) sometimes doing it. It wasn't meant to be mean :)
    You should make more book presentations! :DDD

    Greetings from Germany
    Ace :)

  2. No problems ^w^;;

    I mostly find it funny yet a bit absurd that a random swedish blog got a thread on a forum just bekause of one picture :D

    I noticed there was a lot of people wondering why I have the book, and the reason would be that Im lending it from a friend who just visited hamburg. As a manga artist I have to get inspired by other artists and know a bit about the german market if I want to expand my publicity. Also, Ive known about Robert Labs since 2004 and Im doing my best to present my project for him in Leipzig next year.

    Greetings back to germany from sweden :p

  3. LOL... way to make an entrance, now get 'em while they are still marvelling at your bEwbZ and smash 'em with manga goodness from up north!

    Leipzig is going to be interesting this year... I might actually have to show up somehow - or you just drop by and pay me a visit in plain ole Rostock (LONG OVERDUE ;D)

    In other news... CLEAVAGE!


  5. haha
    Yup... been there. Jag tror dessutom att jag vet vilken mapp du blev addad i. Jag blev också tillagd och upptäckte sedan bara en massa närbilder på kala fittor. Nåja, visst om man gillar sånt, men med tanke på att ALLA modellerna var omkring 20 och han som har mappen börjar närma sig 50 är det ändå lite creepy...

  6. Maik:

    So youre going there? :3

    I dont know how long Ill be able to stay in germany (due to a lot of other comic events around the same date) but at least I dont want to fly O_O haha, So maybe we might take the boat as always and then go by train to leipzig. Hmmm... whats the best way?

  7. @Alice: Well, I figured I could (as far as I know it's roughly around my birthday, and I usually take a week off then anyway). However, I have been talking to my sister about it, and she said that I will only get the expensive rooms now due to people booking the cheap shit ages in advance... so, I dunno. I think it's fun, and my boss shows up at Leipzig anyways, as they present the new batch of children's books and other stuff the cool people with the cool jobs at work actually do.

    There is a direct and pretty cheap train going to Leipzig (the Interconnex which actually starts in Rostock, if you don't want to fly, I'd recommend that - you (+Natalia and whoever else is joining - I got enough space for a couple of people I guess) could crash at my place on the way up and down, and maybe you could even go with my sister to Leipzig, as she is proabably taking that train too - saving you the "figuring shit out" trouble.

    My flat is like 15 minutes walking away from Rostock Centralstation, less than three minutes if you take the bus and I am living next to a small mall, so you could load yourself with cheap food for the trip.

    I actually tried calling you, however... that didn't work out.

    You just decide what you feel like to do, I am happy to help as much as I can. After all, Sweden is gonna conquer Germany... FINALLY ;)

  8. XD

    I have been terribly busy these days with moving, deadlines and selling my apartment so I didnt really have a chance to finnish the illustration yet. Ill soon be back on track again :3
    See you!

  9. i know , i know XD c u too and good luck ^^


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